The J & S Wargat Agency has the right touch...

J& S Wargat Agency, INC. It's a personal touch, the one you've always wanted in an insurance agency. There are so many options out there today with 800 numbers, internet sites, friends of a friend and the mega-sized monster down the street from where you work. It's great to have options, but wouldn't you want to have a little help too?

Think of us as a guide, a trusted advisor that will help you walk through the beaucratic babble and techno-speak and just help you get the right policy for a fair price and be there when you need us. The world and your life is complicated enough, let's at least make your insurance coverage a little easier.

You are more than welcome to inquire about our insurance products here on the website or just contact us directly. We write products mostly in Rhode Island and Connecticut and can help you with just about any need you might have. We can cover your business, home, boat, RV, car, or motorcycle and establish great, low-cost life insurance products as well. Our health insurance products help employers and employees alike - always designed to give you maximum coverage at minimal cost. The J&S Wargat Agency has the right touch - we work, we deliver and we do everything in our power to give you the satisfaction and service you deserve.

Your Auto Insurance

    Auto Insurance is not a "one size fits all approach" talk to someone who can tailor your policy so that you save money, but still have coverage

Your Life Insurance

Life Insurance is not for those who pased on, but for the families left behind. Make sure that you have what they need in place before it's time.

Your Property Insurance

Your property is important - cover it with Renters, Homeowners, Boat, RV and Motorcycle policies. We can cover pretty much anything you own and always keep it within your budget.